Tailored eCommerce Funding

The demands of today’s digital savvy shopper requires eCommerce businesses to continually evolve their practices to be faster, easier to use, and ahead of the competition. In the same way that ecommerce has disrupted how we buy and sell products and services, CBL has disrupted asset-based lending with a new agile approach to provide eCommerce businesses with access to the funds they need to grow or recover when traditional lending isn’t an option. We understand the needs of eCommerce companies and have flexible and tailored solutions to specifically meet their lending needs, allowing them to focus on what they do best: Running their Businesses.

If you’re looking to scale your businesses, you’ve landed in the right spot. CBL has you covered to meet your working capital needs.

“As a growing ECommerce company, finding working capital solutions can be difficult. We are excited to be working with CBL, who understands our business and the needs associated with E-Commerce businesses. CBL has the flexibility to lend in a way that works for us, and can grow alongside us.”

CEO of CBL eCommerce Borrower

Reasons to Borrow

Scaling Operations

Building Inventory

Increase Production

Order Fulfillment

Sales & Marketing Expense

Hurdles with Traditional Banks

  • No track record
  • Lack of profitability
  • Little accounts receivable

Why eCommerce Companies Choose CBL

  • No covenants
  • Flexible terms
  • Lend against inventory, accounts receivable, real estate, machinery and equipment
  • We get to know your business
  • Experience lending in eCommerce
  • Streamlined application process

Need Working Capital?

Use our simple 2-step Borrowing Capacity Calculator to see how much your firm could potentially borrow.